In process
Castelló, Castellón
1.915 m2
Privated contest winner

“This project hosts a complex programme to improve spatial fluidity, allowing an historic building to adapt to all the new demands it is subject to, without losing its original essence.”

Located in an important historic building in the heart of Castellón, the territorial headquarters of Cajamar wished to reform this edifice, enhance its volume and adapt it to new needs, giving it greater spatial flexibility and internal transparency. This emblematic listed building was to be “paired” with the values ​​of the banking institution and converted into its flagship centre in the province, requiring an intervention of special sensitivity to the elements defining the pre-existing space.


While the building was honoured out of respect for its façade and characteristic defining elements – such as its space arrangement and very remarkable central staircase – it was freed from some of the walls containing it and left much more open to all users. In its new condition, almost like a sculpture preserved in an urn, the whole building was re-vertebrated to serve as a filter between its two wings, which were not visually related in origin.


In order to provide room for several independent uses, such as a conventional banking office and the territorial management office, as well as training and conference areas, the opening of a second access with an independent staircase was proposed, allowing for a degree of isolation from the main uses. The ceiling contains skylights on both a new staircase and the original staircase, bathing both in natural outdoor lighting that slides down the steps to illuminate the entire building.