FBEX Promo Inmobiliaria S.L.

Tulell, Alzira. Valencia
15.680 m2
1º Prize Private Contest 2006

“The resulting ensemble is a compact building complex characterised by its continuous unitary volumetrics, standing out as a benchmark urban landmark.”

This project consists of a residential tower with 25 floors and a total of 150 homes. It was built up over a central nucleus for vertical transit, with linear single-vault homes, very functional and flexible, arranged around the perimeter of the building and forming a large central inner courtyard.


The complementary communal spaces for a promotion of this kind, normally placed on the ground floor of the plot, are vertically located in our case, in several areas distributed around the tower. The volume is generously sliced out to form community terraces for communal services, such as a reading and multipurpose room, relaxation and spa areas or a pool-gym with solarium on floor 2.


Another key aspect of this tower is the maximum use of natural light and ventilation, thanks to the solution of the large central courtyard opened out with several recesses that lighten the whole block and allow for the free circulation of air. Homes all have the main rooms facing the façades, relegating the wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens to the side of the inner patio.