Constructor company
CEVISAMA, Valencia
48 m2

“The stand was materialised in pine wood whose particular shade allowed the aluminium structures conforming the trames collection to stand out in space.”

On the occasion of its launch at CEVISAMA, the company SCS BATH invited sanahuja & partners to design a collection of bathroom furniture – trames by sanahuja&partners – with the emphasis on a pure designer collection. For the launch, of both the company and the collection, sanahuja&partners also undertook the trade fair stand on which the presentation was made.


Taking advantage of the longitudinal character of the available exhibition space, we generated a lengthwise pathway for visitors and exhibited the new collections on both sides of the stand. In this way we were able to transmit to visitors all the functionality of these various collections. They are collections conceived for regular bathroom spaces being displayed on large panels to simulate the kind of space that is usually available in standard homes.


The pieces in the trames collection were displayed on the front of the stand, completely freestanding from the wall. In this way, the design proposal was highlighted to all attendees. Trames dissociates itself from the traditional concept of bathroom furniture, not only becoming a unique piece of furniture, but also a space separator as well. Bathroom furniture, with all 4 sides being shown in equal importance.