Hervideros de Cofrentes S.L.
Constructor company
Espacio Luz y Orden S.L.
Cofrentes, Valencia
653 m2

“The challenge was to try to convert a high, open space into a cosier type of environment, with good acoustics and adequate climate control.”

The building up for remodelling was the restaurant of the spa called Balneario de Hervideros de Cofrentes, located in the centre of this complex. The two premises transmitted to us by the proprietors were to solve the acoustic problem and the climatic quality of the space.


To achieve an acoustic system that would provide a solution, and at the same time serve as the main element of the interior design, was to equip the space with metallic slats with a black wool filter behind them, generating different panels to give the area acoustic comfort as well as character. These slats were the main element of the intervention.


The interior design was complemented by LED screen lighting that generate a series of lines on the slatted ceiling. On the other hand, wooden furniture was designed so that table space could be better organised, and potted plants were used to decorate and modify the space according to the restaurant’s actual needs. Another element making the space warmer was a wall of pinewood slats lining the back of the restaurant, also decorated with potted plants in different colours. All this was accompanied by textile curtains that line the side walls, participating in the acoustic comfort and at the same time lending greater warmth to the space.