Lucas Fox

Urbanización Los Monasterios, Sagunto. Valencia
4.260 m2
Private Contest Finalist

“This project’s extensive home-types offer diverse living possibilities for all kinds of users”

The starting points for this project can be summarised comprised five main objectives: panoramic views for 100% of the homes, conceptualisation based on biophilic design, perfect adaptation to the topography, precise interpretation of regulations to achieve maximum buildability, and generating a variety of home-types to attract multiple possible users.


The steep slope and the surrounding environment suggested a terraced design set into the landscape. The elongated shape of the plot and the application of town planning regulations rendered a significant portion of the northern area of the plot unbuildable, at the location of the street access, whereas in the southern zone the narrowing of the plot significantly reduced buildable depth.


In view of the sloping terrain, when considering buildable height, we proposed a consensual strategy with the town council aimed at staggering the volumetrics of the building and adapting it to the natural topography.


The slope of the plot falls towards a neighbouring block of houses, which was precisely where the best views were available. This is why we chose to generate a private access road from the roundabout as an axis on which to organise the ensemble. Homes located along the private street were given over to apartment use, while the lower homes were developed as duplexes with access from the street. Thus, both the apartments and the duplexes exceed the neighbouring building in height and enjoy panoramic views. The private street is a transit and walking area providing the complex with a single access for both pedestrians and vehicles.