Conselleria de Territorio y Vivienda

Constructor company
Monte Altis, Villa Hermosa del Río. Castellón
358 m2

“The building sits delicately into the surrounding landscape, while acting as a reference point for respectful human use.”

This mountain refuge was constructed by the Valencia regional government with the aim of “favouring the use of these terrains for excursionist, recreational and teaching purposes with all the necessary precautions, and promoting social awareness as regards the cultural, ecological, environmental and economic values offered by the forest heritage of Valencia”, according to Forestry Act 3/1993 of the Valencian Community.


The building sits on the ruins of an old farmhouse in the Altis recreational area in the municipality of Villahermosa del Río, in the province of Castellón. It was implemented in response to the principle of harmonisation with the conservation and protection of the natural environment.


The natural slope of the land was used to stagger the building in such a way that could be better integrated into the topography, contributing to which are the sloping roofs, broken into sections and organised to give character to the spaces they cover.


Programme requirements were carried out practically on one single floor, giving the building optimal accessibility conditions, while situating secondary uses on other levels. The building has a semi-basement floor with a room for installations and a water cistern. On the ground floor there are two bedrooms for 16 people each, gents and ladies’ toilets, a kitchen with pantry, dining/living area and a terrace. The loft floor contains a bedroom for monitors.