Quijada Medicina Ocular
Constructor company
Actia Iniciativas S.L.
Valencia, Valencia
362 m2

“Optimisation of spatial arrangements to enhance natural light resources in the majority of these interior spaces.”

This clinic is located in a two-storey building set in a privileged place in the expansion zone of Valencia, Plaza América, opening onto the Turia riverbed gardens and facing the stairway of the old Mar Bridge over the river.


The reform proposed locating the consultation rooms on the top floor, where staff and patients would spend most of their normal time in the centre. The lower floor, which is smaller and more open onto the street, houses the surgical part of the layout, and for this reason the windows are treated as translucent outside advertising vehicles.


The configuration of the rooms and waiting areas for visitors was considered to be of special importance. We intended to configure them as authentic “living rooms”, creating a variety of environments – reception area, children’s area, general room, pre- and post-surgery rooms – by creating a “very friendly circuit accompanying the patient’s stay in the clinic”.


As the star element in this spatial arrangement, we highlighted the staircase with its wooden skin, by focussing attention on it and using it as an articulating element for the entire centre. The palette of materials chosen sought a sort of aseptic character in the consultation spaces, while in the public waiting areas we wanted to give a greater degree of comfort and calm in this proposed design.