Ayuntamiento de Vall d’Alba

Constructor company
Construcciones Jesús Sales
Actia Iniciativas S.L.
Vall d’Alba, Castellón
3.064 m2

“The architectural image this project wanted to transmit was that of functionality and interior dynamics.”

This building was conceived as a closed unit with a perfectly defined main access, transmitting its functionality and interior dynamics through its volumetrics and exterior image, with an articulation of its functional programme into three prismatic volumes. The project proposed very simple functional schemes, creating spaces for intercommunication and transit areas that facilitate access to all spaces, as well as control and the optimum use of all activity areas.


The programme was developed on two floors. On the ground floor, the access leads to the reception area and the public access to the changing room area and the gym room, and to the private administration area, nursing and dressing room area for monitors, and actual pool structures of the building. A stairway rises up from reception to lead to the upper floor audience area with bleachers around the pool. The building also has a basement with an independent access where all installations are located.


The architectural image the project strove to convey was a clear formal identity established by the grey corrugated-sheet prismatic body of the pool, articulated via the longitudinal white glazed body with aluminium slats at the access, containing the transit areas and the private areas of the building, with a body in two heights covered with earthenware-type ceramics in a natural colour.