Ayuntamiento de Alcalà de Xivert – Alcossebre
Constructor company
Obras y Construcciones Jesús Sales 
Alcalà de Xivert – Alcossebre, Castellón
IX Awards Porcelanosa Winner. Category: Realized projects

“The implementation of this Strategic Plan for Tourism Design resulted in a series of specific actions in the town, all with a global vision, thus achieving a revamped image and enhancing local tourism development.”

This project addresses the intervention on the Paseo Vista Alegre and a tourism office, located in the coastal town of Alcossebre (Spain), as part of a Strategic Plan for Tourism Design in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and whose purpose is to promote tourism in the locality by means of smaller-scale urban, architectural and design initiatives, which would place greater value on urban areas of great tourist potential which have not been addressed as yet.


The Vista Alegre promenade is a key point within the city, as it is located right in front of the beach and borders a considerable stretch of the current seafront promenade. This street supports traffic that is too intense, making the area a sort of unwelcome space for both tourists and local inhabitants. Three very different types of ceramics are used in the whole of the intervention, with different thicknesses, formats, colours, finishes and uses, making the project, highly attractive from the technical and architectural point of view.


The tourist office is a single-story building with an approximate area of ​​85m2. This is a volume with little architectural interest which has little relationship with the rest of the elements around it, inspired by Mediterranean latticework, which is used in many of the coastal buildings of the 60s and 70s, but which in this case has a personality of its own. These lattices filter the light, the views and the breezes, improving thermal and luminic comfort, and offering a new kind of urban landscape.