Ayuntamiento de Xert
Generalitat Valenciana

Constructor company
Construsenia S.L
Xert, Valencia
1.178 m2

“This restoration not only allowed for the recovery of the main noble’s hall in the palace, but reception rooms and annexes as well. We wanted to create a scenario that would fuel social activities in the town.”

The palace of the Counts of Pestagua is the most representative building of civil Gothic architecture in the town of Xert, closely related to other unique buildings present in several municipalities of this mountainous Maestrat district, among which is the nearby town of Sant Mateu.


The main aim of our intervention was to save the building from immediate ruin, as the functions it had formerly served, mostly as village bar and meeting centre, and also as headquarters of the mill of the local agricultural cooperative, had now ceased and the site was abandoned.


The most significant task in this intervention was the replacement of the building’s entire wooden ceiling, which had been partially hidden for many years by false ceilings and various additions covering it and which also greatly reduced the sense of volume and space the site actually generated. The restoration also fully solved all humidity and other problems that the poor state of conservation of the roof and ceiling ensemble had produced.


In addition to recovering and preserving this historic building, the completion of this project also significantly fuelled the town’s social activities to the benefit of the population, as well as attracting more visitors to the Maestrat area. With its great historical, artistic and heritage value, this restored building is a major cultural asset that boosts tourism in this district.