Esmalglass, S.A.
Constructor company
Vila-real, Castellón
11.900 m2

“We conceived this building as a series of structural planes covered with a glass envelope allowing for a see-through effect for activities taking place inside.”

In this project for the expansion of offices and laboratories for the company Esmalglass, we faced the challenge of solving the expansion of a pre-existing building and obtaining a clear and representative image for the firm.


The resulting building presents a showcase or a large TV screen to the viewer broadcasting industrial R&D&I activities to the outside. This large volume of glass envelops the old building to obtain a unitary image for the ensemble while acting as an icon representing the company it houses. The volume is cut off at one end using a “boat-keel” inclined plane, at it is near this maximum height where the name of the firm is placed in corporate lettering in white lacquered aluminium.


The longitudinal configuration of the building allows for a linear organisation of its different activities, structured from a central transit axis from which the different vertical communication cores illuminated from above are accessed, provided with a lift and staircase opening onto the back bay through large glazed surfaces, and serving as a reference and guide for the entry points to the building. On the outside, there is a raised, podium-like platform pierced by sheets of water, from which the building is accessed through a U-shaped exposed concrete entranceway at ground floor level.