Vall d’Uixó, Castellón
571.000 m2
Privated Contest Winner

“This project for an Integrated Action Programme (IAP) involves the evolution of the town expansion area model towards solutions more closely adapted to the needs of current society, specifically those of the town of La Vall d’Uxó.”

This proposal integrates all uses in an open, flexible and realistic matrix, allowing for the creation of a new neighbourhood with no unnecessary segmentation or zoning. The expansion grid starts from the current town structure in its immediate surroundings and creates a new neighbourhood in large block format. The street is shaped by buildings in open construction, without occupying the total block perimeter, so as to favour visual and real connections between the interior and the exterior of the blocks. Housing types used are towers and linear blocks conforming public thoroughfares for vehicles, where commercial and services units are located on the ground floors.


Land is left free for public spaces and buildings are concentrated in height to increase the density of the neighbourhood and create a new town. The planned green areas act as the backbone of the entire neighbourhood:

A large urban park in the Montanyeta area, with over 100,000 m2 of community facilities; the perimeter green area, from the park to the southern limit of the town; and green pedestrian paths running through the interiors of residential blocks in the neighbourhood and linking all squares between the buildings, from the urban park to the plot where a future regional hospital is planned.