Inversiones Rústicas Casetas S.L.
Constructor company

In process
Alcossebre – Alcalà de Xivert, Castellón
2.713 m2

“This project was conceived as a housing group where open spaces prevail – an alternative to the classic, terraced-home type.”

This is a residential complex of 16 single-family homes located in the town of Alcossebre, a coastal town in Castellón province. The project was conceived as a housing group where open spaces prevail – as an alternative to the classic, terraced-home type. Homes were grouped into modules of 2 or 4 houses, generating simple volumes in which materials were the key elements.


The plot has a slight slope and is divided onto 2 levels: on the lower level (+1.20m) there are 10 houses and the communal area, with the pool area and gardens. Below this level is the community basement. On the upper level (+2.10m) there are another 6 houses, which face the communal area.


There are 4 different types of homes here. All of them have their day areas on the ground floor, with an emphasis on looking outdoors from the living/dining room, kitchen, a bedroom with bathroom, and of course, the garden, around which the whole house is set. On the first floor is the night area, with two bedrooms, a bathroom and an ensuite master bedroom.


The definite look of the ensemble is unitary, with the materials and the outdoor spaces being the elements that lend coherence to the project. Various textures are used for this purpose: stone walls that give warmth to the whole and contrast with the walls finished in white, in which a series of wooden marquees are used. All this gives the complex a notable Mediterranean character.