Constructor company
Benicàssim, Castellón

“We conceived a building for 22 State-Subsidised Homes that stands as an urban benchmark due to its aesthetic and spatial qualities.”

This project solved the geometry generated by the truncated street corner provided for under official building alignments to create a composition based on three white blocks rising up from the ground, with the truncations acting as articulation hinges. The arrangement of openings in the continuous panels forms groups of large framed metal-plate windows which were given primary colours in chromatic alternation.


This building has a privileged location at the access to the town centre of Benicàssim and opens onto a large square, constituting a milestone or urban reference despite the budget limitations in materials and finishes corresponding to a V.P.O. (State-Subsidised) building module.


One single stairway nucleus with a lift serves the 6 homes per floor, with almost all the living areas facing onto the street. All communal areas, too, have abundant natural light provided by a central courtyard, whose geometry was generated by the arrangement of the various accesses to the homes.