Constructor company
Agroman S.A.
Castelló, Castellón
3.202 m2

“This complex, heterogeneous programme includes staggered, linear buildings that form a large truncated corner at the confluence of two important boulevards in the city.”

The institutions of the Valencia regional government (Generalitat Valenciana) in this small science park wanted to create a centre as a seedbed for a series of new technologically innovative companies from different sectors, and provide a location for the headquarters of the SME Institute IMPIVA in Castellón.


This complex, heterogeneous programme includes office space, workshops, small industrial warehouses, and administrative offices, broken up into staggered linear buildings that form a large truncated corner at the confluence of two important boulevards in the city, with a picturesque mountain backdrop. The asymmetric geometry of the buildings generates a front that includes the main accesses, and a rear that organises secondary accesses, parking lots and loading/unloading areas.


This project was led by Carlos Ferrater, and explores the relationships between interior and exterior space, and the trajectory of the building as a support for a heterogeneous programme in which all the different pieces – small, semi-industrial buildings, laboratories, offices, institutional dependencies and services – are sewn into a continuous-façade concept as an abstract whole in which the construction of the different membranes constitutes the greatest feat, with a set of closing walls becoming the building’s formal expression. Each closing wall is reinforced internally by a long receptacle for inner spaces, and it is precisely the stitching together of these that provides the spatial sensation, the play of frontal and zenithal light, the ambiguity of the location with respect to the exterior, and the relationship of the ensemble with the landscape.


1994-1995 Winner, COACV Architecture Awards

1996 Finalist, Mies van der Rohe Award

1996 Finalist, IberFAD Award 

1997 Winner, National Construmat Architecture Prize

1999 Levante-EMV Awardwinner