SIEGSA. Construccions i Infraestructures Educatives de la Generalitat Valenciana
Constructor company
Peñíscola, Castellón
4.300 m2

 “The idea was to structure the functional programme over two floors to give visual continuity to the existing environment.”

This is a significant teaching installation in the historic town of Peñíscola, in the expansion area of the town, on a plot of 6,500m2 of flat terrain with no particular urban conditioning factors. The main building housing the functional programme of the institute is located in the north section, clearly separating the teachers’ and administration areas, on one single floor, from the classrooms and teaching spaces using a small garden patio.


All the classrooms, as well as the cafeteria and the corridor, open onto the south, where the sports spaces, playgrounds and recreational areas are located. Completing the complex is the gymnasium-sports centre in the built-up northern area. The southern area of ​​the plot is organised for sports and extracurricular use. This is communicated through the gym and locker room area, which allows for the independent use of the school in this area.


In addition, the concierge house was located independently from the teaching zone, in its own section, with landscaping and a private access from the exterior roadway. All the enclosure walls of the plot are made in exposed concrete, like the rest of the sports facilities, which cater to different modalities including the native sport, a Valencian pelota court, completing the enclosure.