Ayuntamiento de la Serratella
Constructor company
Gimeno Construcción
La Serratella, Castellón
456 m2

“One of the biggest conditioners when projecting this building was the existence of a church bell tower next door. The solution chosen was to make this building independent, in order to respect the importance of its next-door neighbour, a symbol of the town. ”

This is a small rural hotel in a mountain environment in the interior of Castellón. The hotel is located in the former abbey house, of which the stone façade was preserved, and it was adapted to a new use. It has a reception area, reading area and restaurant on the ground floor; the first and second floors have three bedrooms each; and the top floor is equipped with a spa from whose terrace there is a magnificent view of the whole area, and even of the far-off sea on clear days.

Materials used in the building were intended to enhance the traditional constituents of the original building. The façades are in limestone with steel-sheet grilles on the windows and traditional balconies on some of them. In the interior, wood textures were used on floors, with the laminated flooring contrasting with the limestone walls or painted in different shades. Another very unique element of the building is the staircase, made in exposed concrete on its lower face, with wooden treads and a steel bar railing painted in black. The interior design seeks to complement the architectural work, combining with it and using elements in character with its rural character to form a harmonious whole.