Sant Joan de Déu Serveis de Salut Mental

Constructor company
Construcciones PAI S.A.
Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona
5.564 m2

“The emphasis on indoor and outdoor interconnected spaces encouraged an approach to the courtyard-cloister-garden as a fundamental part of the space to be used by patients.”

A building intended as a hospital complex, equipped with 3 psychiatric hospitalisation units for acute patients, emergency unit, pharmacy, archives, admissions centre and day hospital. The programme called for a building with a dynamic and multiple organisation scheme, responding to both outstanding working conditions and to optimum quality of care for patients and family members, providing all the necessary material qualities and comfort for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


The maximum use of natural light was imperative, optimising orientations on location for all individual spaces, rooms, ramps and stairways and transit areas and lounges.


The use of warm materials and textures helped to distance this building from the traditional cold image of hospitals, and was adapted to the ideas, experiences and aspirations that the Institution wished to contribute to their psychiatric activities, as pioneers in the transformation of traditional care structures. The materials used are an “amber” stone both in interior and exterior coatings as well as in the vestibule and access floorings, with wood for interior panels and surface coverings of the opaque prismatic section housing the stairways and lifts for public use, which also constitutes the building’s volumetric reference point in the surrounding urban area. Glass is used in large glazed panels, both in the transit areas, the lobby and waiting areas, and in the space for the connecting ramps between the different floors leading to the central patio.

2003, First winner project called by Sant Joan de Deu, Serveis de Salut Mental Institution.