Arrendamientos Aparici

Constructor company

In process
Benicàssim, Castellón
2.846 m2

“Two new buildings that shelter the town in L on their north and west sides, form a new backdrop that gives it value.”

Past and present dialogue

The tourist hotel complex is organized around a classicist villa from the last century that is protected by local urban regulations and has recently been renovated as a high-class single-family home.

It is made up of two new buildings that shelter the town in an L-shaped shape on its north and west sides and form a new backdrop that enhances it, along with the redesign of the surrounding garden and its new pool.

The accommodation block has two floors above ground and is located to the west opening the views towards the villa. The hotel services block is located in the northern part and houses a restaurant-dining room on the ground floor and a multipurpose room in the basement. Its volume and materiality allow its integration into a set whose unitary character even includes the treatment of the perimeter fence as a prominent element in the overall composition.