La Luz de Las Imágenes Fundation

Expository direction
Iglesias Mayores de Villareal, Burriana y Castellón

“Pre-existing monuments merge with ephemeral architecture to offer us highly enriching experiences: displaying and exhibiting the finest sacred art in the most significant churches in each town.”

The “Espais de llum” (or Lighted Spaces) exhibition aims to familiarise visitors with the historic-artistic legacy generated by or related to the Plana de Castellón district and its three main towns – Castellón, Villareal and Burriana – the geographical, historical and cultural region generated by the start of King James I’s conquest of the Kingdom of Valencia in the 13th century.


The main aim here was to convert these aforementioned churches into exhibition spaces by using small-scale architectural works and ephemeral display cases. The project combines the concept of a contemporary museum, with all the characteristics thereby implied, with an exhibition of an ephemeral nature.


The objects of liturgical worship, the paintings intended to inspire piety in believers, the sculptures, the goldsmith’s work and documents related to daily affairs in the parish, were all disconnected from their original cultural milieu to become, first and foremost, images: images which, in the idea of the Foundation in charge, would shed new light on their history and provide knowledge to all visitors. These images would be used to provide the backdrop for history, art, aesthetic experience, local identity, the idea of ​​progress or cosmopolitanism.


The dialectic regarding the location and exhibition of the pieces addresses three different levels: the piece to be presented, the support-container and the display space or sub-space, bearing in mind at all times that the “highlight” of the exhibition is actually the building itself, which thanks to the restoration initiative promoted by the Luz de las Imágenes team, were finally restored and/or completed.