Ayuntamiento de Les Useres
Constructor company
Servicios, mantenimiento y obras Sevengar S.L.
Les Useres, Castellón
500 m2

“Project of minimums seeking social maximums.”

This building type is a model of simplicity focused on achieving a very clear, useful, simple and easy to maintain space. Nevertheless, we avoided falling into a simple industrial-bay-type design, as the intent was to ensure the final result would harmonise with its surroundings.


Basically and broadly speaking, this is a building constructed with blocks of exposed concrete capped by a flat roof. The lower part of the volume harmonises with the predominant architectural style of the area by using elements such as hand-made brick and wood.


The activities to be carried out inside the building are festivals, meetings, conventions and fairs. For these it was necessary to comply with a series of legal requirements in terms of safety and health, which this project strictly fulfils.


It mainly comprises a diaphanous hall where all these different activities can be carried out. On one side there is toilet nucleus, bar counter, locker room and storehouse. It has a hidden flat roof much like an interior patio where installations can be housed. This was mainly conceived as the future location of the air conditioning units.