Camping El Edén
Platja Nord, Peñíscola. Castellón

“The projected design calls for a kinds of disintegration of the potential building based on the volumetrics of the plot into interconnected elements with interrelated laws combining towers and underlying plinth.”

This project is for the north beach of Peñíscola, in the area with the highest density of apartment blocks and hotels. This is a programme for average-sized apartments, commercial premises and parking.


The volumetrics of the urban regulations call for an approach to the whole on two scales: a local scale characterised by the perimeter plinth of two-storey apartments around the inner square, and a global scale as seen from outside characterised by a sequence of towers that rotate and open towards the exterior, causing a kind of kinetic sensation from afar. With the projected solution, we attempted to create a precise urban form by configuring a large illuminated public central area, with no residual spaces around the perimeter.


The towers are structured in white modular walls with continuous windows from top to bottom in bedrooms, with glazed terraces at the edges, giving a sensation of great lightness as well as emphasising their Mediterranean character. The perceived image of the tower runs from spine to central skeleton, thereby not offering a view of the building’s façade, but rather its points and edges rising towards the sky, highlighting the sensation of verticality and giving an impression of spatial amplitude between the various towers.