Mas del Rosari, Valencia
17.250 m2
IVVSA 2003 Architecture Contest Mention

“The 3-courtyard home reinterpreted: a house with a very Mediterranean character, yet sparsely built.”

This was an open competition for the urban planning of a plot given over to a social housing programme, set in a taller building plus various types of detached homes laid out over the rest of the plot. The proposed building and home types were adjusted to the urban planning parameters corresponding to plot T2, an apartment block (tower) with ground floor + 12 stories, and the rest, plot U3, single-family homes.


The project developed the ideas for homes with patios which Mies van der Rohe was occupied with during the 30s in the Bauhaus movement, and even in his later American stage at the Chicago M.I.T. and which he repeatedly proposed as an exercise to his students. These homes with patio (and the more refined version of a home with three patios) were van der Rohe’s alternative to isolated single-family homes, starting off from conceptual approaches based on the idea of ​​space and city living.


This residential type allowed us to organise the entire U3 plot in a balanced way, creating a very powerfully articulated plot in which free spaces and built-up spaces are interspersed, forming a tapestry of interesting compositional richness. The access to the homes with patio is via three inner driveways, treated as semi-pedestrian, and organising a generous public space where the tower is articulated next to the single-storey houses.