In process
Xilxes, Castellón
6.750 m2
Privated contest winner

“Natural lighting takes centre stage with the opening of patios and large glass panes to the exterior”

Colorker Group wanted to establish its new offices close to their product manufacturing chain. This is why they decided to reform and refurbish a disused building located right in front of their industrial bays.


The project was distributed over basement, ground and first floor, leaving the rest of the floors for a future growth in the company or even for the creation of a Business Centre to be shared with other companies.


This new workspace occupies the whole of the ground floor for better linkage of the various departments through large, open workspaces and offices which are practically permeable.


One point of vital importance is the incorporation of a new showroom. With an area over 2,500 square meters, this is distributed over the ground floor and continues into the basement. The showroom is conceived to provide maximum flexibility for product displays. The coexistence of the company’s various brands within a fluid space, together with the technological innovations incorporated here, is sure to provide the sensory and emotional connections sought for by the client.


These kinds of connections are not only intended to be evident in the showroom, but reach beyond this space to be transmitted in equal proportions to the entire workspace. It is here that ceramic materials gain prominence, as they are used to cover the entire exterior and interior of the building. Thus, the company’s new offices transmit maximum comfort and well-being, both to visitors and users.