SIEGSA. Construccions i Infraestructures Educatives de la Generalitat Valenciana

Constructor companies
Rotglà i Corberà, Valencia
1.445 m2

“The warm palette of materials used, combining beige facing brick with wood, in phenolic board format, sought to provide the centre with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.”

Located on the urban edge of the town, on a plot with highly irregular geometry and surrounded by various buildings offering a somewhat harsh interface with this educational centre, this project called for the replacement of an old school that was functionally obsolete and in a serious state of degradation.


Our proposal intended to insert the new building firmly in its place by means of a definite U-shaped volume connected by a pergola. The idea of ​​”making a city” was present from the initial sketches, with the intention of solving certain problems in the immediate environment, and at the same time, contributing to the consolidation of the urban fabric, which at this point was somewhat fractured and incomplete.


The building was arranged with its back against the western party wall so that classrooms and the central courtyard would open to the south and east and thereby achieve optimal sunlight. Layout took advantage of the existing terraced slopes and vegetation to resolve accessibility to all outdoor spaces by means of gentle ramps.


The building was organised into two parallel classrooms wings, infants on one floor and primary on two levels, against the party wall. Sewing these two together is the communal area and administration spaces wing, closing off the bottom of the U and presenting the urban façade of the centre to the public. Inner transit ways are fed by the natural light coming from the central patio and from a longitudinal skylight in the double-height primary sections.