Real Club Náutico de Gandía
Constructor company


In process

Gandía, Valencia

“The new Yacht Club in Gandía was conceived as a commercial and leisure space in a privileged point in the city.”

This building is divided into two zones, one open to the public and the other exclusively for club members. These zones are linked by an interior boulevard area with a children’s playground through which access to the swimming pool is made.


The ground floor of the building presents the member area where offices, cafeteria, gymnasium, and training rooms for club athletes are located. The upper floor has a panoramic restaurant with a capacity for 250 people, with an independent access from the plaza.


On the far end, closest to the canal, there are three business premises with a terrace to accommodate up to 70 people each, while the upper floor has three additional premises. Ground floor premises have a walkway in front connecting to the quay area known as Moll dels Borja, extending to the heliport.