María José Martí Guillem
Constructor company
elo construcciones
Valencia, Valencia
89 m2

“An adaptation of the arrival and reception spaces was proposed, reducing compartmentalisation elements and introducing a concept of spatial fluidity to achieve greater customer comfort and greater capacity.”

We started off with a distribution of subdivided spaces articulated via a long narrow interior corridor. Dental treatment distribution had adapted to this situation without satisfying the capacity required for the waiting area and without an attractive welcoming image as desired by the proprietors.


We therefore extended the corridor to part of the waiting area, with subdivision doors being eliminated. The corners between the hall and the waiting area were also curved to reinforce the interconnection of both spaces and offer the perception of one continuous space. The curved oak slat panelling in the centre of this space also functions as a sound absorbing element in the busiest area of ​​the clinic.


The materials palette was reduced to a combination of ceramics on the floors, in a very neutral colour similar to that of the walls, and oak or white lacquered wood. A touch of colour was reduced to the seating upholstery, standing out in a green grass tone, offering a relaxing touch that was considered quite appropriate for this type of clinic.