Generalitat Valenciana
Constructor company

500.000 m2

“A magnificent opportunity for proposing a new way to build up territory based on content, not just on form.”

This proposal was made in collaboration with the architect César Ruiz Larrea, and with Carlos Pallarés in charge of the conceptual side. It was an ideas contest organised by the City of Castellón to design a masterplan for an area of ​​500,000m2 located on the front line of the Castellón beach and currently occupied by an aerodrome.


With our “City of Languages” as an icon, we proposed the development of a differentiated tourism identity, responding to and meeting current and future needs, by creating a concept that emphasises content, and allowing content to determine the architecture.


This is a project that transcends architecture and urban planning, a project based on current socio-political-economic realities, understanding them and striving to satisfy them and solve future problems as and when they appear and require solutions.


Because of its scale and its qualitative approach, the “City of Languages” project is an example of the new paradigm for sustainability (ecological, social and economic) that, amongst all of us, we must start building. It is not simply about generating an attractive architectural solution or a theme park, with a reiterative kind of lineup that eventually, far from generating wealth, ends up becoming a burdensome ballast that is unsustainable in terms of power, ecology and economics.