Ayuntamiento Alcalà de Xivert

Constructor company
Actia Iniciativas S.L.
Alcalà de Xivert, Castellón
1465 m2

“Double heights and large diaphanous spaces effectively contributed to the creation of a multi-purpose centre.”

This project involved rehabilitating a former school building to transform it into the new civic centre for the municipality. There was a limited budget for the project, so the intervention had to be austere, maintaining the building’s skin while emphasising the interior design in specific spaces.


The decision was made to maintain the building’s image, without modifying the façade openings, which provided the rhythm and modulation helping to organise indoor space. Moreover, because of the windows and the white colour used in the interior, all rooms are very bright and comfortable.


The building extends over three floors, with a programme adjusted to the needs of the Town Council: conference room, exhibition area, classrooms, workshops, library, etc. There are two relevant aspects of this intervention that can be highlighted: The first is the recovery of the original wooden roof, and hence the ceiling, which was used as a modulating element for the interior space, especially on the upper floor, where it is shown in all its splendour thanks to the skylights in the side walls. The second is the library area, where a loft was made to provide the building with a larger usable surface area, while creating a highly dynamic space for bibliophiles.


The finishes used include warm materials such as wood and other colder materials such as concrete, which combined with the white paint, add a contemporary touch to the whole. In summary, the new CESAL provides the municipality with a multi-purpose building, for a variety of uses, and it has now become a benchmark site in the town.