Generalitat Valenciana
Constructor company
Cyrespa Arquitectónico S.L.
Tírig, Castellón

“A plan to integrate in with the landscape, placing the walkways and enclosures for the prehistoric rock shelters at the outermost possible perimeter, avoiding a cage-like sensation for the spaces containing the paintings.”

The protection of the rock-shelter paintings located in the La Valltorta ravine, in the municipalities of Tírig, Albocàsser and Les Coves, is part of the project by the Valltorta culture park, whose main attraction is its museum dedicated to rock-shelter art. This is complemented by an open-air museum offering visits to the rock shelters where the original paintings are actually located.


The architectural proposal for the visit to the rock shelters containing paintings was a physical support or walkway for accessing and viewing the paintings while serving as a necessary protection for them.


The main issues in this intervention were the inalterability of the existing rock pathways leading around the area so that visitors can appreciate the features of this site: topography and vegetation. The materials used and related details required high technical qualifications to create a conceptual container suitable for a better understanding of the touristic and cultural values of this existing heritage, and also had to adequately solve visitor safety in this rugged terrain. Finally, we also had to account for the possible reversibility of the intervention, if it were ever found to be unnecessary, with the metal fences and walkways susceptible to being removed or replaced without a trace.