Sant Joan de Déu Serveis de Salut Mental

Constructor company
Excover S.A.
Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona
1.298 m2

“The global concept responded to three main premises: location on site, volumetric arrangement and well-defined functionality.”

This new building was conceived as a Forum for the nearby hospital complex, effectively articulating the main axes of the site and being adequately integrated into the existing gardens, since most of the trees and former garden areas were respected. The volumetric arrangement benefits from the existing uneven terrain and emphasise the sheer volume of the auditorium, conceived as a giant white prism lodged delicately yet firmly into the ground, in perfect dialogue with the lower body formed by the parallelepiped volume of the cafeterias, which were given a stone coating in harmony with the building façades in the immediate surroundings. The functionality of the circulation spaces, services, cafeterias, offices and auditorium was successfully achieved.


The aim was to provide the building with great flexibility and versatility in terms of its use for multiple activities. Thus, the hall perfectly articulates auditorium activities with those of the cafeteria staff, as it is completely autonomous and independent from the patient building.


However, a series of containers were designed between both cafeterias that would, in certain circumstances and depending on needs, allow for modulation and/or expansion of their various spaces. The emphasis on clarity in the interconnection spaces between outdoors and indoors led us to incorporate all the exterior areas as an integral and significant part of this newly projected building.

2000, Winner. Contest for the creation of the Social Center of the Sant Boi de Llobregat Hospital.