Ayuntamiento de Vall d’Alba

Constructor company
Gimeno Construcción
Vall d’Alba, Castellón
900 m2

“A project that aims to highlight its presence within the shared space of the urban framework, with powerfully suggestive volumetrics.”

The new Vall d’Alba health centre is located in an area of ​​recent urban expansion to serve both the local population and also as an emergency service centre for the nearby Pla de l’Arc district.


The building presents singular volumetrics, which instead of being tight and compact as prevalent in the surroundings, expresses decomposition and expansion by being laid out over the entire block on which it is located. Alternating full/empty volumes within this geometric composition allow for well-lit interior spaces throughout the centre, while its layout is organised in a clear and simple manner, despite the complexity of the transit areas involved.


Indoors, we sought to create a calming environment in the waiting areas, flooding them with natural light and offering tranquil views of the interior landscaped courtyards. Chromatics in the interior emphasise austerity, compensated by the cross-over panels that bring the colour of outdoor panels inside. On the outside, the desired uniqueness was strengthened by the palette of materials applied. The prism-shaped white volumes were interrupted to offer wooden panels of an intense colour that give the building great plasticity and warmth, quite appropriate for a facility of this type.