Neinor Homes

Constructor company
Castelló, Castellón
3.157 m2

“A volumetric exploration using curves and different rhythms to seek differentiation from the standard rigid orthogonal block prototype.”

In this project, in collaboration with our ADI Arquitectura partners, we faced the challenge of designing a residential complex for 70 homes on the eastern side of Castellón city, a growing residential area with new constructions, a few unique points in the city such as The City of Justice or the Auditorium and Conference Centre, and ample landscaped areas.


The homes were arranged in two perpendicular blocks responding to the size of the plot, framed by three streets, one of which is the Blasco Ibáñez Boulevard, the major thoroughfare in this area. This composition allowed for an ideal orientation for views and sunlight, and provided a large communal area with landscaping and a swimming pool under the apartments.


In contrast, as opposed to traditional closed-block schemes, we designed a longitudinal gap in the building volume, thus providing natural lighting to the floor transit areas and somewhat reducing its dimensions. Thus, each of the four dwellings on each level are located in a corner, giving rise to their own terraces that alternate in location to generate dynamism on the façade.


In addition to the horizontality of the terrace platforms and the contrast in façade tonalities and movements, the terrace materials with their perforated sheets add a unique touch to create a pattern reminiscent of local vegetation while fading into the façade.