Private client

Constructor company
FIP Fomento de Infraestructuras y Proyectos S.L.
Moraira, Alicante
250 m2

“This design enhances the peculiarities of the plot into which it was inserted.”

The steep slope running diagonally over the plot forced us to place the access gate at the lowest point of the street underneath, with programmes arranged from top to bottom, contrary to usual approaches.


The rotund horizontal volume of the bedroom block was deposited on an intermediate level in the middle of the plot, forming a large upper access platform and parking space, and delimiting down below the large terraced space containing the lion’s share of the programme, enabling the entire daytime area to fit onto the same level, including outdoor terraces and the pool. From this level, the rest of the plot continues to descend, tucked in by dry stone walls, which are very characteristic of rural Alicante.


The palette of materials used was reduced to the minimum, seeking to simplify the architectural language while highlighting the unique, contemporary concept of the house to the maximum. Internally, the concrete of the retaining walls was left in sight, becoming the star material, since micro-cement of the same colour was used for the paving, and prefabricated concrete for staircase treads. Externally, the white rendering characterises the new volumes, in contrast to the dry stone masonry of the terraces that organise the staggered arrangement of the entire plot.