Private client

Constructor company
Construcciones Miguel Pons
Grao de Castelló. Castellón
480 m2

“Light, volume, space and landscape. That’s how this project could be summarised.”

This house sits on a plot that allowed for the design of a garden whose lawn blends with the green of the nearby golf course. The clients wanted to preserve the pine trees already on the plot and enjoy views over the golf course, but, at the same time, they required a certain degree of privacy. So the house is closed off with respect to the street at the back, opening onto the garden side, with views of the golf course trees and the sea.


The building comprises a series of volumes in different materials that manage to delimit the outdoor spaces structuring the home, so that both the construction and its surroundings form a kind of continuum offering great comfort and habitability. Three main materials were used: concrete, forming the large box containing the living/dining room; a white volume for the bedrooms and study; and two wooden boxes that emerge timidly into the surrounding landscape.


Inside, the double-height dining room and the living area delimit their respective spaces using a geometric play of furniture elements. The architectural elements – the black fireplace, the white shelving, the glass and wood surfaces – contribute to a “softening” of the rotundity of the prevailing volumetrics of this project. In this sense, the four roof skylights act as sculptural elements in the room, designed in collaboration with the clients, who showed a highly proactive attitude throughout the design process.