Xander Spronken

Constructor company
Obras y Construcciones Jesús Sales S.L.
Comarca de Alcalatén, Castellón
410 m2

“This is a very special project, with a design created in collaboration with the prestigious Dutch sculptor Xander Spronken.”

Xander’s creations, based on manually working wrought iron, instils character to this house, and his strength is present in every corner and detail of the building.


This home sits in a mountain environment in the hinterlands of Castellón. Despite the mountainous surroundings, the plot on which the house is located is flat, offering magnificent views of the Peñagolosa Nature Park, so it was precisely towards these views that the house was oriented.


The project was divided into two modules, one for the main house and the other as a guest pavilion. Each of the modules was understood as a dwelling in itself, and distribution is diaphanous, with a ground floor and a small loft. Both emphasise spaciousness and open up towards the outside. Without doubt, if there is something special about this house, it’s the materials.


The concrete pillars, the wooden beams coming from pylons from the port of Rotterdam, and the iron and glass carpentry, show their true essences without artifices masking their character. Likewise, light plays another major role, flooding through the house and creating plays of light and shadow at different times of day and night, thereby enhancing the expressiveness of these materials.