Obra Social La Caixa

Valencia, Valencia
7.000 m2
Finalist private contest

“Softening the lines in a symbolic building. Nuvol is a proposal with a voice of its own, fully integrated into its receptacle.”

The design approach for the new headquarters of Caixaforum in Valencia was a great opportunity for architectural creation presenting an enormous responsibility, as it was to be created within a complex and unique building with the added difficulty of modifying the insides of an urban icon.


The Ágora is an emblematic building in Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences in view of its monumental scale, geometry and hi-tech finishes. The proposed intervention had to bear these factors in mind to generate the required spaces by means of an architectural approach which, in our understanding, would be respectful and complementary, within the extensive empty space inside the building.


With the main objective of creating a new cultural hub of the first order in the city, sanahuja & partners developed NÚVOL as a sensitive yet impactful proposal that would allow the symbolism of the Ágora preserved until now to be maintained, while adding significance to it through this new project. It is a project with a voice of its own, with an image and strength that stand out with respect to its receptacle, while at the same time aiming to respect the creation as much as possible and emphasise the value of this impressive space.