Instituto Cervantes

Constructor company
FIP Fomento de Infraestructuras y Proyectos S.L.
MCBAD, Colomer Dumont
In process
París, Francia

“This intervention shows maximum respect for the original architectural typology, typical of late-19th century Paris, conserving volumetric, spatial and artistic characteristics.”

This project consisted of the reform and functional adaptation of the Octavio Paz Library, at the Cervantes Institute in Paris, to update its function and provide the necessary conditions of security, accessibility and functionality pursuant to currently norms.


The building is an old palatial home or mansion built in 1883 by the architect Paul Dechard, formed by two blocks that enclose a small service patio accessible through a carriage passage. The building is subject to patrimonial protection affecting the areas of major architectonic and ornamental interest, such as the main stairs, the great hall of mirrors, the reading rooms and the access passage.


The rehabilitation project aimed to update its function as a library, expanding reading spaces and creating new ones for teaching purposes and, at the same time, improving transit, access and the installation systems complementing these.


The purpose of maximising the use of all space and resources was successfully achieved, with a rearrangement of the access and control point, allowing it to operate more flexibly in accordance with the different uses that were intended, and in optimum security conditions.