Felipe García Amad
Constructor company
Construcciones Ker
Urbanización Torre Bellver, Oropesa del Mar. Castellón
405 m2

“This project was conceived to highlight the natural light and the outdoor landscape.”

In Mediterranean culture, where life out in the sun is so vital, establishing the limits of a building beyond its walls by integrating it into its landscape, either natural or created, is something we are keenly interested in. From all viewpoints, inside and out, we strove to create a suggestive, controlled, enveloping view, while constantly seeking ambiguity between interior and exterior.


By modifying the lie of the land, we used an intermediate layer to support the house, creating a backyard enclosed by a retaining wall made in masonry, faced by the building itself. The patio is sheltered from the winds and the setting sun, and serves as a connection for all elements in the complex. It’s definitely the core of the project. A centenarian olive tree, a symbol of the Mediterranean, roots us closer to the earth.


Building functionality is  divided amongst the two blocks:  the main block containing the basic rooms and the parents’ bedroom, and the smaller block catering to the children, favouring an ongoing indoor/outdoor relationship. The gap between the blocks allows the back patio to look out to sea, framed between the light slab of the visor and the edges of the two blocks, offering a limited view of the Mediterranean.