Ciutat de Castelló
Generalitat Valenciana

Constructor company
Castelló, Castellón

“The building was designed with one single material: white concrete, which is simultaneously its skeleton and final form.”

This was an ideas contest tendered by the City Council of Castellón in 1991 and later developed through the Valencia Regional Government via Castelló Cultural. It was initially conceived as simply an auditorium connected to the city’s Conservatory, but under this programme it was later expanded into a Congress Palace, being finally located in the new park next to the city’s iconic Lledó Avenue.


This was a highly relevant cultural edifice for the city of Castellón and its outlying metropolitan district, consisting of a symphony hall with 1,234 seats, a chamber room with 370 seats, and a congress area, multi-purpose room for 800 people, a series of meeting rooms, offices, and exhibition and technical areas. All this would have to fit into a single building earmarked as a new reference point for the city and monumentalising the site using a white concrete structure acting as both a physical and spatial support.

The building is located in an urban park area sized 80,000m2, also designed and executed by the team of architects led by Carlos Ferrater. The paving in the square, gently sloping, seems to invade the auditorium’s hall through a sequence of transitional areas between the exterior and the interior, under the auditorium and forming the main vestibule, the foyer of the symphony hall and the other interrelated spaces.

1991 First prize architecture competition organized by the Ayuntamiento de Castellón.

2005 Special mention on XIII Cemex awards.