Santa Águeda Aparttments Owners Association

Constructor company
Caprival S.L.
Benicàssim, Castellón
7.844 m2

“The history of this project was so exciting, as was its execution, that we were forced to undertake significant research and recovery work for this residential complex.

The Santa Águeda apartment complex was an ambitious tourism promotion project undertaken in Benicàssim (Castellón province) by the MBM studio, whose acronym refers to its members Josep Maria Martorell, Oriol Bohigas and David Mackay. This project was based on a commission from the prestigious art critic Tomás Llorens and was begun in 1965, although it was never built in its entirety.


The design concept proposed a new form of urban aggregation intended for tourists which broke away from the idea of dispersed, single-family bungalows or blocks of pseudo-rationalist apartments that were quick to spread along the Mediterranean coast in the sixties. The architects and the client, Tomás Llorens, toured the villages of the hinterlands of Castellón in search of references in popular architecture for a new form of aggregation.


The project strives to recover, perhaps naively, the “psychological habitability” of the small towns in the area as opposed to the isolation and disconnection of the larger cities and crowded tourist areas.


In 2005 we were entrusted with the rehabilitation of these apartment blocks, as time had deteriorated the original proposal, and the original materials had been severely affected. The first phase ended in 2006, and the second phase began in 2011 to rehabilitate blocks B and C, in a project by the architect Juan Antonio Juncos.