Hat Gallery, a meeting point between Architecture, Design and Art.

Hat gallery

Each month, new surprises emerge from the magician’s hat in an open, playful and multidisciplinary milieu.

This is an initiative from the sanahuja&partners architecture studio called the Hat Gallery, located in our offices in the multicultural neighbourhood of Ruzafa, in the city of Valencia. We use this space for programming a series of activities, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, performances, concerts and conferences having to do with architecture and design and their relationship with art in general.

Hat Art, Hat Cinema, Hat Talks, Hat Music, Hat Workshops, Hat Festival… With each new proposal, Hat Gallery is aesthetically and architecturally transformed into a spatial experience, in addition to purely artistic and emotional encounters.

Hat Art

This is a meeting point for Architecture, Design and Art where we programme exhibitions. Disciplines such as Street Art, Design, Illustration, Photography, Sculpture, Installations or Videoart join hands to debate with Architecture in a multidisciplinary environment.

Hat Cinema

We connect the cinema with other disciplines by means of screenings and talks and debates in which speakers and audience actively participate. Cinema-Architecture cycles, Cinema-Design, etc. All in a relaxed and open environment.

Hat Talks

A rendezvous for various artistic disciplines through talks and debates in which we discuss the relationship of certain arts with others, expressing connections that are not always obvious, because at the Hat Gallery we intertwine Architecture-Music, Architecture-Dance, Architecture-Theatre, etc.

Hat Workshops

These are workshops organised in the Hat Gallery, where artists demonstrate their creative and technical processes and allow attendees to create their own works.

Hat Music

Music seeps into our exhibition space in the form of concerts and cycles. We offer a space for dialogue and debate between artistic disciplines, music, ephemeral art, abstract art, ethereal art, using it as a meeting place for scheduled exhibitions and impromptu occurrences.

Hat Festival

Hat Gallery is linked to urban cultural festivals and initiatives held in the Ruzafa neighbourhood: Russafart, Russafa Escènica, Circuito Bucles, Ruzafa Loves Kids, Valencia Disseny Week or MUVFest, all transform Hat Gallery into a different kind of stage for presenting visual and scenic performances.


Valencia OpenHouse 2020

Valencia OpenHouse 2020   From October 12 to 18, the Open House international architecture festival…