Architecture from the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a millenarian mix of cultures, customs and ways of life which have been imprinted on the walls and roofs of Mediterranean architecture: the perfect union between practical essentiality, inside and out, and splendiferous freshness and vitality. Our Mediterranean essence gives us a different vision which we transfer to all our projects.

The sea

This is what gives us a vision of infinity and a sense of belonging, our inspiration for the architectural lines that give fluidity to spatial horizontality and verticality.

The light

This invades and floods our projects – a kind of emotional well-being coming from making the most of natural light and sensations of luminosity.

The landscape

Architecture that’s adaptable, moulding itself to the requirements of the area, catering to the natural environment, respecting the landscape and adapting to its orography in the most efficient way.

The culture

The age-old knowledge which has created arts and customs, architecture that highlights authenticity, paying tribute to origins, highlighting all the resources the Mediterranean tradition has bequeathed to us.

The people

The ones who pour out into our spaces and fill them with life. Mediterranean people love life in community. At sanahuja&partners, we work to create environments that transmit the urge to share living space.

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We always strive to stay on the crest of the wave in innovative technological tools. We constantly analyse global trends to introduce new features so we can improve and renew our design processes.

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We guarantee user tranquillity when creating projects, safeguarding not only physical and functional comfort amongst users, but also achieving their psychological comfort.

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It’s not just about making green buildings; we want to satisfy human needs by generating experiences of well-being. That’s why we develop projects based on social and environmental responsibility which comply with international WELL and LEED standards.

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Architecture by and from the Mediterranean, in which we combine enthusiasm in conceiving ideas, constructive rigour and sensitivity towards project materials.

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We create solutions based on customer dreams, respect for programme requirements, regulations and location.

Integrating Biophilia into architecture is necessary to improve our quality of life

Jaime SanahujaCEO






Our design process includes a series of tools that guarantee the success of all projects.

At sanahuja & partners we do not apply a pre-defined architectural language; we simply have the necessary creative audacity to address each project in a different way.

We rely on a solid conceptualisation process that begins with an ongoing active listening phase focusing on the environment, the existing regulations and customer requirements, ensuring each project is different and unique.

We apply an audited work methodology pursuant to the highest ISO9001 quality standards, where our storytelling for each project uses BIM (Building Information Modelling) to control the entire design process, reducing construction errors down to 2%.

Our projects are conceptualised as a combination of WELL and LEED standards to develop buildings with almost zero energy consumption, while generating the dynamics of well-being amongst users.

To reinforce our message, we use biophilic design to respond to the human need to enjoy direct connections to nature.

An architecture designed by the Mediterranean, for the Mediterranean.