proyecto vivienda unifamiliar casa torre bellver32proyecto vivienda unifamiliar casa torre bellver32

Torre Bellver 32 House

The project was inspired by the lights, sun and exterior landscape.In Mediterranean culture, where life outdoors is so kind to us, we have a strong interest in establishing a building’s limits beyond its walls, by integrating it with the surrounding landscape, whether that be natural or man-made.From every point, both inside and out, this building seeks to give us a view that is suggestive, controlled and enveloping, constantly seeking ambiguity between inside and out.By changing the slope of land, an intermediate layer was used to support the house, creating a rear courtyard that is enclosed by the masonry retaining wall and the building itself.Protected from wind and the setting sun, this courtyard creates a connection with every one of the elements. It is the nucleus of the design. A hundred-year-old olive tree, so symbolic of the Mediterranean, brings us back down to earth.Divided into two blocks, one with the main rooms and the parents’ bedroom and the other dedicated to the children, the building promotes a constant relationship between indoors and out. The split between the blocks provides a glimpse of the sea from the rear courtyard, framed between the light slab of the shade and the edges of the two blocks.Inside the finishes are warm, combining wood, stone and colour-treated walls plus excellent furniture, expertly chosen by the client. See more

Description: Single-family detached house with swimming pool.

Situation: Urbanización Torrebellver, 32. Oropesa del Mar (Castellón)

Year: 1999 | Area: 405m2 | Typology: Residencial

Arquitectos: Carlos Ferrater, Carlos Escura, Carlos Martin, Jaime Sanahuja

Felipe García, quantity surveyor

Builder: Construcciones ker

Promoter: Felipe García Amat

Photography: Lluís Casals