equipamiento urbano centro social sant joan de deuequipamiento urbano centro social sant joan de deu

Sant Joan de Déu Social Centre and Auditorium

The overall design of the project is based on two main premises: The first is the location on the site and its structural organisation.The new building acts as the main forum for the entire hospital complex, effectively articulating the main organisational axes of the project and integrating it into the gardens, where the majority of the existing trees and landscaped areas have been saved. The spatial disposition uses the irregular level to emphasise the shape of the auditorium, which is conceived as a large white prism, delicately positioned yet at the same time firm on the ground, in perfect dialogue with the shape below which is formed by the parallel box-shape structure of the cafes, which is clad in stone, in harmony with the façades of the buildings in the immediate vicinity. The second was the functionality of the circulatory spaces, services, cafes, offices and auditorium.Created as a large container of activities, the aim was to make the building as flexible and as versatile as possible. Thus the hall perfectly links the activities of the auditoriumwith the staff cafeteria, which is completely autonomous and independent from the patients’ area. However, structures have been designed between the two cafes so that their space can be increased or reduced according to circumstances and needs.The clarity and emphasis of the spaces’ interconnection between inside and outside succeed in incorporating the exterior space as an integral and significant part of the new building project.2000 Prizewinner architecture competition See more

Description: Social centre and auditorium Sant Joan de Deu.

Situation: C/. Dr. Antoni Pujades y C/ Pablo Picasso, s/n Complejo Hospitalario Sant Joan de Deu Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)

Year: 2001 | Area: 1300m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Emilio Cubillos, José Mª Medrano

Luis Chillida, engineer
Felipe García, arquitecto técnico
Nuria Esbri

Builder: Excover

Promoter: Sant Joan de Deu, Serveis de Salut Mental

Photography: Lluis Casals