equipamiento público colegio rotglà corberàequipamiento público colegio rotglà corberà

Primary school in Rotglà i Corberà

Situated on the outskirts of the town on a geometrically irregular plot and surrounded by a variety of buildings that presented a rather hard face to the school, the aim of this project was to replace the former school, which was functionally obsolete and in a major state of disrepair.Our proposal is to firmly insert the new building in a clear U shape, tied together by a pergola. This idea of “creating a city” is evident from the very first drawings, as a way of resolving the problem of the immediate environment and at the same time helping to consolidate the fractured and incomplete urban fabric.The building is joined on the western flank so that the classrooms and central courtyard open to the south and east, making the most of the natural sunlight. The project uses the existing terracing and vegetation makes all the outdoor spaces accessible through the use of gentle ramps.The building is organised in two parallel wings of classrooms, with the nursery on one floor and the primary on two floors, against the join. The two are sewn together by a wing containing communal spaces and administration, which completes the U and offers the centre’s most urban façade.The interior circulatory areas feed on the natural light that pours in from the central patio and from a longitudinal skylight in the double-height roof of the primary wing.The warm palette of materials that combines beige facing bricks with phenolic wood sheeting, aims to give the centre a friendly and welcoming feel. See more

Description: Primary school in Rotglà i Corberà.

Situation: C/ Ramon Beneyto S/N.   Rotglà i Corberà  (Valencia)

Year: 2004 | Area: 1445m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Emilio Cubillos

Fernando Santamaria, architectural technician.
Luis Chillida, engineer.


Promoter: Ciegsa

Photography: Joan Roig