equipamiento público instituto peñíscolaequipamiento público instituto peñíscola

Peñiscola School

Important teaching centre in the historic town of Peñíscola in the town’s expansion zone, located on a plot of 6,500 m2 of flat terrain with no development constraints other than the idea of building the functional section on two floors in order to provide visual continuity to the existing gym which lies adjacent and links to the blocks where the community housing will be situated.The main building sits in the north section and houses an educational institute, clearly separating the one-floor teachers’ and administration area from the classrooms and teaching areas via a small landscaped courtyard. All the classrooms plus the cafeteria and corridor are open to the south, where the sport, games and recreation areas are located. The site is finished off with the sports-gym in the north zoneThe south area of the plot is organised for sport and extracurricular use. It includes access to the gym and changing rooms, that enables independent use of this part of the college. The caretaker’s house is also located independently from the teaching area and has its own centre, with landscaping and private access from the road outside.All the boundary walls of the plot are made of exposed concrete as the other facilities that are used for the various sports practised by the local Valencian community, which complete the complex. See more

Description: High school and Lunch room facility building.

Situation: Parcela 4 Pai Llandells 2, Peñíscola (Castellon). España

Year: 2007 | Area: 4300m2 | Typology: Equipamiento

Arquitectos: Jaime Sanahuja, Mar Nadal, Emilio Cubillos, Alejandro Rubert, Carlos Guillamón

Fernando Santamaría, quantity surveyor

Builder: Midascon

Promoter: Ciegsa. Conselleria de Cultura y Educación, GVA.

Photography: Joan Roig