proyecto vivienda unifamiliar casa Oosproyecto vivienda unifamiliar casa Oos

Oos House

This detached house is strongly influenced by the peculiarities of the plot in which it is set. The steep slope that diagonally angles the plot requires the access to be at the lowest point by the road onto which it faces and for the house’s format to be upside down, in contrast to the usual layout. The emphatic horizontal shape of the section that houses the bedrooms is set at an intermediate level on the middle of the plot, forming a large upper platform for access and parking, and defining a large terrace beneath it, which houses the main section, making it possible to have the entire daytime living area at the same level, including outdoor terraces and pool. From this level the rest of the plot its drop, tamed by dry-stone terraces that are very characteristic of rural Alicante. A minimal palette of materials has been used in order to simplify the architectural language and enhance the house’s unique, contemporary concept. Inside, the concrete retaining walls remain exposed and become a key element together with the microcement floor in the same colour and the precast concrete of the stairs’ steps. Outside, the new structures are finished in white plaster that contrasts with the dry stone masonry of the terraces which provide the staggered organisation to the whole plot.  See more

Description: Single family house with swimming pool .

Situation: Carrer Alcalalí, Teulada Moraira

Year: 2014 | Area: 250m2 | Typology: Residencial

Arquitectos: Jaime SanahujaMar NadalEmilio Cubillos

Ricardo Alonso, quantity surveyor
Javier Felis, engineer

Builder: FIP Fomento de Infraestructuras y proyectos SL

Promoter: Private

Photography: Lluís Casals