Museum-House of Christian Andersen

Our proposal consists of inserting pieces in strategic areas with the aim of setting up a new singular and exciting urban landscape. An exotic geography as stuck in the land with the broken carved courtyard, like an unexpected orographic element produced by water erosion.  Geometry and volumetric abstraction are used to enhance imagination and free in­terpretation.The important historic premises are intended to be highlighted. The old ceramic roof works like a theatrical backcloth for new elements, remarking the historical value of the place.A volume which grows in height at Hans Jensens Straede corner becomes a new visual landmark and the museum’s urban reference. With the main ac­cess, a large interconnection courtyard partially uncovers the great hall while connects the underground car park.The initial exhibition area is focused on the Memorial Hall, where the nar­ration of writer´s life starts from his birth house as the main attraction point. The exhibition presents a summary of the writer’s life and provides an introduction to his literary work.The next part brings in the parameter of fantasy. A chain of different spaces connected through a soft descending ramp leads us to the level of dreams, where the visitor will be immerged into the fantasy world by using the latest audiovisual technologies and introducing interac­tive elements which invite to participation and entertainment.The fantastic courtyard that lightens all the interior, reminds us a natural cascade and organizes all the spaces around.At lower floor, where the exhibition tour ends, there is the Cul­tural Centre, composed by the workshop rooms and the Mul­tipurpose Hall that is also a temporary exhibition room.It is proposed a wider use of the park with parades, perfor­mances or storytelling, theatre or music festivals. Starting from the fantasy level and emerging to the reality plane in the fairytales garden, a large rampant staircase provides a theatrical ascension and continues with a special trail all over the park. See more

Description: Enlargement and improvement of the Museum-House of Christian Andersen and its surroundings.

Situation: Copenhage, Denmark

Year: 2013 | Area: 5130m2 | Typology: Urbanismo

Arquitectos: Marta Cereceda, Emilio Cubillos, Jaime Sanahuja

Kateryna Kotula
Fidel Saez
Longino García
Adrián Pobo


Promoter: Odense City Museums