proyectos arquitectura hotel fabrica ginerproyectos arquitectura hotel fabrica giner

Hotel and Spa in the Former Giner Factory

An ambitious project to build a quality hotel in the rural surroundings of the beautiful city of Morella. On the one hand the project involves the renovation of one of the existing buildings for use as a hotel, and on the other, the construction of a spa as an attraction and differentiating element within the hotel complex of the Giner Factory’s old industrial textile colony, which dates back to the 19th century.Given the important historical, cultural and architectural heritage of the complex, the new spa building is designed to be barely discernable, avoiding any possibility of the new element becoming the focal point. Thus a half-buried building is proposed with a single floor and vaulted ceilings, connected to the hotel by an underpass. The positioning of the structures respects the complex’s original configuration and dilutes the effect of the new buildings, avoiding entering into any dialogue between the new and old structures.The spa will be able to benefit from part of the flow of the Bergantes river, combining sustainability and water use. Due to the location of the new building in a green zone, the project proposes a roof garden to replace the area on which the new building will sit, retaining the green, undeveloped characteristics of the area.Following a process of comprehensive research it was decided that a vault partitioned system should be used for the construction, as in the original buildings of the complex and those found in the construction of other, similar late 19thcentury industrial buildings. See more

Description: Renovation Hotel and spa in the former Giner Factory.

Situation: Complejo Fabrica Giner, Morella (Castellon). España

Year: 2011 | Area: 4076m2 | Typology: Comercial

Arquitectos: Ignacio Vidal, Jaime Sanahuja, Mar Nadal, Emilio Cubillos



Promoter: Diputación de Castellón